02 ožujka 2014

givin' up, lettin' go

Hi *****,
that photo reminded me the winter still exists, somewhere :-)

Funny thing, this February looking as late March / early April.
The trees are blossoming, I already felt first alergic reactions!?
Let's only hope some snow wouldn't suddenly dump us all over.
In earlier years up to 15-20cm of snow used to fall at least once
in March, and one year it dupmed on 4 consecutive Mondays :-)

In the meantime, I quietly (to my mind) gave up from racing.
The idea that I should rest, taper, whatever, after two months
of volume this high, somehow feels like too bih of a switch.
Who needs running 1h27 halfmarathon on tired legs,
"competing" with those guys in 2 sizes too big cotton t-shirts?

And the idea of any need to "train" seriously is even worse.
Why do intervals, tempo runs, anything, if I could just jog around
with a headphones in my ears, mountain-gazing, and feeling
perfectly fulfilled with it?

Somehow I think I should wait for that "switch" to came naturally,
to feel the urge to train "for real", to take a stop-watch with me,
and to begin thinking about (at least) halfmarathons.

Although with this training history, I probably better concentrate
on marathons, much better chances *not* to compete with
folks that are usually 5% slower than me but to leave them
behind at one moment or another...

Boh, wait and see.
Don't rush to change what is not bothering, but pleasant.
The introspective-ness of a long distance running,
thosee moments that I use to discuss various ideas with myself :-)

Today I planned to go mountaneering with friends
but gave up because of tiredness and lack of sleep.
On top of that there is a steady rain/drizzle outside.
If I have to be wet, better on a 2hrs run then on a 6hrs hike.

Enjoy the STC,

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